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We’ll teach you to sketch bright 3D illustrations from scratch online, even if you have never held markers before
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Make your friends and family happier with handmade gifts
Get an official certificate from the School to prove you qualification
Discover every type of sketching including commercial art, food pictures, botanical art and subject drawing
Draw sketches while traveling and create lifelong memories
Earn more than $1000 per month

We'll teach you to make creative sketches,
so you could:

Welcome to the Sketching for Beginners online course
in this course, I explain all the details of sketching and show you precisely how to use every technique
All the techniques and types of sketching
the course will help you to create your own sketching portfolio
Suitable for beginners
12 illustrations
studying process is based on the best practices of the leading art universities
Creating gradients
You will be able to become a sketch artist and avoid many rookie mistakes after completing the course
Light & shadow basics
Creating volume
3D effect
Here’s an overview of the course program:
Anastasia Likh

«I promise that under my guidance, you will learn all the basics of sketching and create your first picture even if you have never done it before ”!»

You want to have your questions answered by professional tutors
You know that you love sketching but something prevents you from doing it
You dream of doing what you love, working anywhere and getting paid for it
You are tired of work or daily routine, want to draw for yourself (Art-therapy)
You want to create realistic pictures and make handmade gifts for your family and friends
You are looking for beginner classes that are user-friendly & not expensive
This course is perfect for you if:
The skill to build right composition and make aesthetic pictures
The skill to visualize your ideas in a creative and clear way
Sketching might become not only a great hobby but also help you to get important skills necessary for many career choices:
Here are the examples of the pictures you will learn how to draw within the course:
Course instructor
I’m Anastasia Likh, an artist, and I:
Love drawing everything that inspires me
12 000 students
taught more than 12,000 students online how to create masterpieces
4,000 drawings
made more than 4,000 drawings with my students offline
5 years
have been organizing art workshops
established my own art studio and Likh Art online school
Feedback from our students
Additional bonuses
Class on making a great photo of your sketch for social media
Class on finding your first clients and making more than $1,000 per month by creating sketches to sell
Class sketching a real dessert: chocolate trifle
Class on sketching a nice and delicious berry tartlet
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